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Trusts are the cornerstone of comprehensive estate planning. They offer a powerful way to protect and manage your assets during your lifetime and ensure a seamless transition of wealth to your heirs. Let’s delve into the importance of trusts and why they are a vital component of your financial strategy.

Your Path to Financial Security

Family Asset Protection Trust plus: Trusts shield your assets from potential creditors and legal, divorce, creditors, and sideway disheritance claims. They provide a secure mechanism to preserve your wealth for your beneficiaries.

Privacy: Trusts offer a level of confidentiality that Will’s do not. Your assets, beneficiaries, and distribution details are kept confidential, shielding your family from
unwanted scrutiny.

Tax Efficiency: Trusts can assist in planning your estate tax liabilities, enabling you to pass on more to your loved ones and chosen charitable causes. Further advice on this can be discussed with our Senior Practitioner, ensuring your individual circumstances are met. However, as we are neither accountants nor financial advisors, we always recommend you seek advice from suitably qualified people depending on your personal circumstances, and we can recommend appointments with our trusted accountant.

Control: Trusts allow you to dictate how and when your assets are distributed. This control is particularly beneficial when managing assets for minors or individuals with special needs. Trustees will have full control for care fees. A Trust cannot be contested whereas a Will can.

Bypassing Probate: Trusts bypass the often time-consuming and public probate process, ensuring a faster and smoother transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

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At Maple Wills, we recognize the pivotal role trusts play in securing your financial legacy. Our team is dedicated to creating tailored trust solutions that align with your unique goals. We will walk you through the options available to ensure your financial security and peace of mind.

Your financial future deserves the utmost care and attention. Contact us today to start a conversation, and we will help you understand the options available to you.

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