Making a Complaint

dealing with Complaint
In the unfortunate event you’re dissatisfied and are unable to resolve a complaint with a Society member, you’re welcome to raise this with us. The following advice sets out the procedures which we have in place.
Before you make a complaint to The Society of Will Writers about a member, you should give the Will Writer (member) an opportunity to address your concerns; we expect members and firms to investigate any complaints they receive about their services.
Write to the proprietor, managing director or consultant concerned, set out clearly what your complaint is and, where appropriate, explain what steps you would like them to take to resolve the problem. If, between you, you can’t resolve the problem, then you can complain to The Society of Will Writers to see if we should look into the matter.
Currently anyone can call themselves a Will Writer even if they have had no formal training and don’t belong to a professional body. The Society of Will Writers can only help or get involved in your complaint if the Will Writer is one of our members or is purporting to be a member of the Society.

The Society is proud of its members and the work they do to help the general public in planning for the future, but sometimes problems do arise between the client and Will Writer.

Most of the time these issues can be resolved by talking to your Will Writer, however there may be occasions when these problems cannot be resolved or that the nature of the problem is such that you need to contact the Society for help.
Making a Complaint

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