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Take the first step towards securing your legacy. Contact Maple Wills Askett today for a confidential consultation. We operate throughout the Askett, providing accessible and convenient services to both individual and business clients nationwide.

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Personalised Will Writing
Serving the vibrant community of Askett, our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through the process of creating a legally sound and personalised will. Together, we will ensure your wishes are accurately documented, and your loved ones are protected.

Business Wills Askett
Our Business Wills Specialist is on hand to guide local business owners through the process of providing a secure future for your business and beneficiaries.

Amersham Will Writing

Askett Will Writing Service

Legacy Planning
Legacy planning goes beyond the distribution of assets. It encompasses your values, aspirations, and the impact you want to leave on future generations. Our legacy planning services help you articulate and preserve your unique legacy, ensuring that your values endure.

Inheritance Tax
Understanding and mitigating inheritance tax is crucial for preserving the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Our expert practitioners in Askett will provide tailored strategies to minimise the impact of inheritance tax, allowing you to pass on more to your loved ones.

Probate Services
Navigating the probate process can be complex and time-consuming. Trust our team in Askett to handle the legalities, providing peace of mind to your beneficiaries during a challenging time.

Establishing trusts for families in Askett, we offer customised solutions to protect and distribute assets according to your wishes.

Why Choose Maple Wills Askett?

Expertise: Our team consists of experienced legal professionals specialising in wills, trusts, and estate planning.

Accessibility: With multiple locations, we are accessible to individuals and businesses across the Askett, providing personalised services with a local touch.

Personalised Service: Unlike some larger businesses, or those who offer self-service options for your Will Writing, our services are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances – because we understand that every individual and family is unique.

Consistent Quality: Regardless of your location, expect the same high standards of expertise, transparency, and personalised service from us.

Transparency: We believe in clear communication and transparency throughout the entire process, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in your decisions.

Take the first step towards securing your legacy. Contact Maple Wills Askett today for a confidential consultation at our nearest office

Askett Will Writing

At Askett Will Writing, nestled in the heart of our close-knit community, we pride ourselves on being your reliable local provider for everything related to will writing and legacy planning. Serving a vital role in securing the future of your assets and ensuring they reach the right hands, we provide comprehensive will writing, updates, and other essential legacy planning services.

Our expert team at Askett Will Writing is here to guide you through every step, providing supportive and empathetic care during what can often feel overwhelming. With many years of experience in this specialist field, we can offer you a service that’s bespoke and tailored to your exact needs and ensures your peace of mind for the future.

Maple Wills Askett is more than a will writing and legacy planning service. It is a beacon of assurance and trust, designed to safeguard one’s legacy and ensure that their wishes are carried out professionally and respectfully. Whenever you plan for the future, whether it’s a set of intricate circumstances or simply providing your hard-earned assets are shared amongst your loved ones as you wish, you’ll find our services indispensable.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients at Askett Will Writing. We handle your concerns, wishes, assets, and delicate family dynamics with the utmost respect and discretion. We prioritise your privacy and confidentiality, and we understand that discussing long-term plans and navigating inheritance matters can require sensitive handling.

If you are considering making a will and planning your legacy or need expert guidance on such matters, we invite you to contact our friendly and helpful team today. For a confidential, no-obligation consultation, simply call 01908 478 988. We are keenly aware of the significance of these conversations and ensure all inquiries are treated with the respect and discretion they warrant.

Askett Will Writing is not just a will-writing service but a trustworthy companion for securing your legacy. Let our team guide you through this process, offering expert advice and personalised solutions. Choose Askett Will Writing, and take the first step towards peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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